Ken Frohlich - Pristine Springs

“In 1996, my business partner at the time and I decided to research businesses relevant in our region.  We ultimately settled on developing a full line vending and manual cafeteria service. We weren’t in vending that long before we needed an accountant, and Paul Rhoton was recommended to me. A couple of years later, Amanda Bowlin, who was then in high school, started working with Paul, and she and Paul have been an integral part of our team ever since,” said Ken Frohlich, President of Pristine Springs. 

“I consider Paul and Amanda my friends.  They have the same values as we do at Pristine Springs, they are responsive, professional, accurate, and they always deliver quality.  Their abilities and their high characters are a difference maker,” said Ken.  “They’ve always provided us with extraordinary service in accounting, tax and transactional consulting.”

Healthy Kingsport

Pristine Springs is proud to be the water producer and distributor for the Healthy Kingsport program.  This initiative, launched in 2015, challenges businesses to “Live Sugar Freed” by promoting drinking water instead of sugary drinks.  Businesses taking the challenge are given free cases of water for their workplace for a defined period. 

“This is the kind of program we want to be involved in, helping people make better and healthier choices. In essence, we see ourselves in the business of improving lives. We exited the vending service business in 2010, in part due to the unhealthily nature of some of the products.” Pristine Springs at its core provides healthy choice options: water, water filtration, coffee, teas, related hydration products and services to business, industry, government, healthcare, education, C-Stores and residential customers in a 75 mile radius of the Tri-Cities. "We’re committed to making things better!"

Passionate about Growth and Improvement

“We’re also passionate about the products we produce, provide and deliver. We believe in fairness, excellence and value in everything we do. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by an exceptional team that drives our 20 years of continued annual growth and improvement. We’re fortunate to operate with over 2,200 customers and in a market that is open to new ideas, products and continues to believe in our team and offerings.”  

“We’re committed to supporting and giving back to our region and the communities in which our customers live, work and play. We support building a healthier, prosperous and sustainable ecosystem for all through a combination of in-kind and direct financial support to non-profits and personal endeavors.”

“We welcome and invite companies interested in partnering and developing ways to improve our region; create prosperity for all by using combined resources and capabilities to help insure a better future now and for the younger generation.  It truly is an honor to be a part of our greater regional team!" said Ken.

Photos by Peter Nelson Photography.